Fulfilling the Needs of Homeschoolers Across the U.S.

Families Only Needing Help Establishing a Homeschool Program to Implement Yourselves

The president and director offers phone consultations to answer your questions regarding homeschool laws and requirements in your state, curriculum selection, and scheduling, among others.  All advice is individualized, based on the information you  provide about your particular situation and your children's learning styles.  This service is available to families throughout the U.S., in both large cities and small towns.  To schedule a consultation, please click on the link below.

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Families and Groups Needing a Private Homeschool Teacher

From curriculum selection to individualized instruction, we have all your homeschool needs covered.  

Areas Served
We provide in- person services for clients in major metropolitan areas across the United States, including the immediate surrounding suburbs of these cities. In addition, we provide the same instruction through online platforms for families in all locations nationwide.

Free Consultations
We begin by reviewing the information submitted in the form below, following up by scheduling a free phone consultation,  During the consultation, we will answer your questions regarding our business and homeschooling, as well as collect information from you to help us determine which teacher would be the best match for your family.  

Curriculum Selection
If you have determined which curriculum you would like to use, we are happy to work with that curriculum.  We have no set curriculum as no one curriculum works best for all students.  If you would like help choosing curricula, we are happy to offer recommendations based on your preferences and your children's needs and learning styles.

Hiring a Teacher
We use the information gathered during the consultation to find the teacher who can best meet the needs of your children and family, from learning styles to personality.  All teachers are fully vetted.  Our HR team interviews all teachers, runs background checks, confirms education, certification, and employment information, and calls to speak with all references.

Grades and Transcripts
If your state requires you to report grades and/or you prefer to have them, your teachers will keep track of grades, and the director will provide you with report cards and transcripts.  Some states do not require grades, and some parents in these states prefer not to have us provide report cards for students.  If you fit in this category, we are happy to grant your request as well.

Standardized Testing
We offer Stanford testing as an option for all families.  It's not required by our company, but if you would like to have your children tested, your teacher will administer the tests in your home, where they are most comfortable.

Ongoing Support
We do not set you up with a teacher and leave the rest up to the two of you.  Rather, we are always available to answer questions, offer advice, and discuss any concerns with you and your teacher throughout your contract.

Group Instruction
Whether you need a teacher for more than one child in your family, would like instruction for a group of friends, or need a teacher for your athletic team, we are available to provide for your needs.  We do not establish our own groups, but we are happy to provide instruction for your family or group.

Special Needs
Services for students with special needs are hard to find.  That is not the case with us.  Our director and support staff all have special education backgrounds.  This allows us to help you select the most appropriate curriculum for your child, as well as vet special education teachers to make sure we hire the one best suited for your child.

Online or In-Person Sessions
We have teachers who prefer to teach online, while others prefer in-person instruction.  Whatever your preference, we will find the right teacher for you.

Traveling Students
If your family travels often, we are happy to provide an online teacher, a combination of in-person and online instruction, or a teacher to travel with your family.
Pricing for Instruction
(These do not apply to traveling teachers.)

Individual Instruction
$55/hour for 1 - 4 hours/week 
$50/hour for 5 - 9 hours/week
$45/hour for 10+ hours/week

Small Group Instruction 
$70/hour for 1 - 4 hours/week
$65/hour for 5 - 9 hours/week
$60/hour for 10+ hours/week

Large Group Instruction

In Person
Individual Instruction
$60/hour for 1 - 4 hours/week 
$55/hour for 5 - 9 hours/week
$50/hour for 10+ hours/week

Small Group Instruction 
$75/hour for 1 - 4 hours/week
$70/hour for 5 - 9 hours/week
$65/hour for 10+ hours/week

Large Group Instruction

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