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We provide completely individualized, affordable homeschool services for Texas students in grades K-12.  All homeschool sessions take place at your home, a local library, or another location of your choosing.  Our teachers will come to you!

We contract only high quality homeschool teachers who are dedicated to helping children become shining stars! We speak with at least three references for each tutor, run 50 state background checks, and get to know all of our tutors in person, so you can rest assured that your child is in good hands with us. 

One of our family specialists meets with each family for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss needs and gather information that helps our leadership team establish an individualized plan for instruction and match each student with the best homeschool teacher in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or Dallas/Fort Worth.

Students with Special Needs
We have special education teachers experienced with a wide array of disabilities who provide outsanding homeschool instruction for students with special needs, and we will never charge parents an additional fee or increase pricing because of their child's disabilities! The owner and director of Shining Stars Homeschooling taught students in special education for over 11 years and will personally match you with the best possible teacher for your child!

Traveling Students
Regardless of the reasons, sometimes a regular instructional schedule just won't do.  If your family or your child travels frequently and needs a homeschool teacher who will travel also or a teacher to provide instruction at your home around your busy travel schedule, we would be happy to help! Give us a call today to let us know how we can provide for your individual needs!

For more information please click on the appropriate tab above, or CALL US TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE CONSULTATION.

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Providing Individualized Educational Services for Students in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth!

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My daughter and I were thrilled to find Shining Stars Homeschooling when searching for a homeschool teacher for middle school.  The instructional quality and personalized service we received prompted me to request a tutor for my son as well.  Thanks to Shining Stars Homeschooling, my daughter will begin high school a year early, and my son is receiving the help he needs with his high school subjects.  I have been very impressed with the services and highly recommend Shining Stars Homeschooling for both homeschooling and tutoring.

Katie Cullen
Houston, Texas

Shining Stars Homeschooling has been such a great help to our family. This is our second school year using their home school services. We have had such a wonderful experience working with them. Our girls have excelled in their school work and can't wait to learn every day. 

Fran Miller
Richmond, Texas
Welcome to Shining Stars Homeschooling!
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We currently are restructuring our program and are not accepting new clients at this time.  At the latest this process should be completed by the first of February 2017.  All current students will continue to be served as usual.  Furthermore, any clients who have received consultations and are awaiting teachers, please know our director and family specialists are working diligently to fill your waiting positions and provide the services you requested.  If you're unsure whether this applies to you, please check our "Teacher Application" page for your matching listing.  

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is necessary in order to be able to provide quality service to our current clients and restructure simultaneously.  We appreciate your patience and know you will be as excited as we are about the new changes.  If you can wait a week or two and would like to have us contact you when we are ready to accept new clients, please fill out the contact form.