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Our main goal is to help homeschool families find the service providers to help them make homeschooling a success, whether that means a consultation with an experienced homeschool educator to help them set up their program, a teacher or tutor to help with instruction, a physical, occupational, speech, or ABA therapist, or even a counselor.  Our second goal is to help providers find clients, and our third goal is to help tutoring companies find the teachers they need to fill open positions.  When we all come together on this website, those goals can be achieved!  

For homeschool families searching for providers, we provide a free, limited access subscription to allow you to see the type of providers we have, as well as a full access subscription, complete with all the information you need to find your provider, ad listings, and a very helpful resources and information page.  If you feel you don't have the time to spend interviewing or even running searches for providers, check out our VIP services page to hire an experienced and highly recommended recruiting specialist to help with these tasks! 

​Providers, we can't forget you.  You are the heart of this website, as you provide the services being sought by families and businesses alike.  We need you! Subscribe to the website, and you will be able to create your profile, search ads, and be found by families and companies alike!

Businesses, Shining Stars Homeschooling was a company like yours for seven years, and if you are anything like us, you've discovered finding clients is the easy part.  Finding quality, dependable, teachers and tutors is the most difficult and often most expensive part of the business.  We're here to help ease that burden.  For a small monthly fee, less than the cost of one advertisement in most places, you can have access to our full database of teachers and tutors and list an unlimited amount of ads!  We welcome public and private schools as well!

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Connecting Homeschool Families and Tutoring Companies with Service Providers Across the U.S.!

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My daughter and I were thrilled to find Shining Stars Homeschooling when searching for a homeschool teacher for middle school.  The instructional quality and personalized service we received prompted me to request a tutor for my son as well.  Thanks to Shining Stars Homeschooling, my daughter will begin high school a year early, and my son is receiving the help he needs with his high school subjects.  I have been very impressed with the services and highly recommend Shining Stars Homeschooling for both homeschooling and tutoring.

Katie Cullen
Houston, Texas

Shining Stars Homeschooling has been such a great help to our family. This is our second school year using their home school services. We have had such a wonderful experience working with them. Our girls have excelled in their school work and can't wait to learn every day. 

Fran Miller
Richmond, Texas
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